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The Supreme Leader of Iran may believe,(& try to bring about),the apocalypse #freeiran #Iran

July 17, 2010

“The Khandaniha website posted an audio address by a cleric from Ahvaz province, Mir Ahmad Reza Hajati, in which he claims that Khamenei told his associates that the Hidden Imam had appeared to him and promised to arrive during his term as Supreme Leader Sources: Website of the Supreme Leader (Iran) Posted at
July 10,2010,& July 9,2010

RRD:If true this is extremely serious.In Shiia Islam the return of the Hidden Imam,(aka the Mehdi),is roughly comparable to the Second Coming.According to Shiia Islam The Mehdi will vanquish evil from the world in a apocalyptic battle.Guess who Khamenei regards as the source of evil in the world?To make matters worse,there is a interpretation of the Mehdi doctrine that says that it is the duty of Muslims to usher in the return of the Mehdi by bringing about the apocalypse.If Khamenei believes the return of the Mehdi is imminent,then that throws the theory of the “Realists” ;that Khamenei,(whom the “Realists” keep reminding us is the REAL leader of Iran),can be deterred,out the window.(Though,of course now the “Realists” will tell us that this is,”just rhetoric”,or that when they said Khamenei was the REAL power in Iran,they really meant that he WASN’T the real power in Iran.
“Realism,in foreign policy,is the belief that your enemy cannot possibly be irrational,because other people,at other times have not behaved irrationally.

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