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Save Behrouz Javid Tehrani #freeiran #Iran #iranelections

July 16, 2010

To the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillay, and Ministers of Foreign Affairs:

This is the 3rd warning from HUMAN RIGHTS groups urging to save the life of student political prisoner Behrouz Javid Tehrani who is in imminent physical danger of death.Mr. Behrouz Javid-Tehrani is on his 15TH DAY OF HUNGER STRIKE in protest against the torture and in-humane treatment he is receiving in Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison

**THIS EMAIL IS IN HONOR OF THE 11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF 18 TIR, IRAN STUDENT MOVEMENT, IN WHICH BEHROUZ JAVID TEHRANI IS THE ONLY SURVIVING STUDENT FROM 1999 STILL IN JAIL.** According to reports received by Human Rights & Democracy Activists in Iran BehroUz Javid Tehrani has been brutally tortured in a solitary confinement cell known as the “dog house” at Gohardasht prison. Since his transfer to solitary confinement at ward 1, better known as the “dog house”, Tehrani has suffered extreme physical torture. Based on unconfirmed reports, this torture has resulted in heavy wounds and bruises all over his body,and Mr. Tehrani has also suffered from fractures in his arms and legs.This is not the first time BehroUz JavId Tehrani has been transferred to the torture chamber of the prison established by Hassan Akharian, since he took over as head of ward 1 at the prison. It has been reported that along with other prison officials, Hassan Akharin, the head of ward 1 at Gohardasht prison in
Karaj, after blindfolding Mr. Tehrani and tying his hands and feet, proceeded to brutally beat and torture him. Cameras have been installed in all the cells in solitary confinement, however, it is interesting to note that his particular cell had no security cameras.It has also been reported that one of the interrogator’s of the Ministry of Intelligence was present during the brutal and inhumane torturing of Mr.Tehrani. Other political prisoners under similar conditions include Ahmad Ashkan, Reza Jalaleh, Majid Afshar, Naghi Nazri, Mehdi Sourani (who’s jaw was broken after being tortured in solidary confinement), Gheysar Esmaili, Majid Mahmoudi Naser Ghochanlou, Hamid Ashki, Shir Mohammad Mohammadi and Hossein Naser Ghochanlou, Hamid Ashki, Shir Mohammad Mohammadi and Hossein Sharifi. The Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran would like to warn the world of the imminent danger facing Behrouz Javid Tehrani’s life and the lives of other political prisoners at Gohardasht prison,
and demand that immediate action be taken by the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other nternational bodies to save the lives of these prisoners. The cell in which Mr. Javid Tehrani is located is high above the ground and more susceptible to heat. Currently the temperature in Karaj is 40C and with no cooling facilities in the cells, Mr. Javid-Tehrani has lost consciousness on a number of occasions. Mr. Javid-Tehrani is a pro-democracy activist who was originally arrested during the July 9th 1999 pro-democracy demonstrations in Iran.He was released briefly in 2004,however was re-arrested when he did not cease to continue his pro-democracy activities. He has been in prison for most of the past 11 years.PLEASE SPEAK OUT NOW AND CONDEMN THE ACTIONS OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN GOVERNMENT AND HELP SAVE MR TEHRANI’S LIFE Sincerely(NAME)

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