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BBC #Gay asylum seekers from #Iran and Cameroon win appeal #Tlot #p2#tcot #freeiran #humanrights

July 11, 2010

“The applicant from Cameroon, who is only identified as HT, had been told he should relocate elsewhere in his country and be “more discreet” in future He had been attacked by an angry mob at home after being seen kissing his partner. He has been fighting remova from the UK for the past four years”.Some people stopped me and said’we know you are a gay man’,” HT earlier told the BBC”I cannot go back and hide who I am or lie about my sexuality.” The other application was from a 31-year-old Iranian gay man, who was attacked and expelled from school when his homosexuality was discovered. Like HT, he had been told he could be “reasonably expected to tolerate conditions back home that would require him to be discreet and avoid persecution.Punishment for homosexual acts ranges from public flogging to execution in Iran, and in Cameroon jail sentences for homosexuality range from six months to five years.”….

…”If an applicant opts to live discreetly because of social pressure – eg not wanting to distress parents – the application should be rejected”…..

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